About Pacific Golf & Turf

Golf Carts and Turf Equipment Pacific Northwest

Pacific Golf & Turf – the market leader in quality service and professionalism. Pacific Golf & Turf is the exclusive distributor of E-Z-GO Golf Cars for Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho. Pacific Golf & Turf is the exclusive distributor for John Deere Golf products for Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Western Montana, and Northern Idaho.

Pacific Golf & Turf has been the leader in the golf industry going back to the 1980’s. We are an award winning dealer with E-Z-GO and John Deere. We have more people, inventory, and locations than any other NW dealer and we are the only dealer for golf cars and turf equipment covering the entire NW and HI.

Full Service:

  • Golf Cart – Sales, Parts, Service, Accessories, and Rentals
  • Turf and Groundskeeping Equipment – Sales, Parts and Service
  • Utility Vehicles– Sales Parts and Service
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • On-site Repairs


We offer four primary locations featuring turf equipment, golf car and utility vehicle sales, service and rentals:

  • Snohomish, Washington
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Oahu, Hawaii (turf and mowing equipment only)

New & Used Golf Cars, Utility Vehicles, Turf and Mowing Equipment

Golf Cars, Utility Vehicles, Shuttles, Fairway Units, Greens Mowers, Rough Mowers, Tractors, Top Dressers, Turf Rollers, Aerators, Sprayers, Utility Vehicles, Bunker Rakes, Reel Grinders and much more!