Campus Fleet and Maintenance Vehicles

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Campus fleet and maintenance vehicles need to meet two major criteria; they have to be reliable and easy to maintain. At Pacific Golf & Turf we carry a complete line of street-legal golf carts that are perfect for campus transportation. With gas and electric powered options you’ll find the best carts from E-Z-GO and Cushman for your needs.

Outfit your business campus fleet with the best vehicles.

Pacific Golf & Turf is your neighborhood campus fleet provider and it’s never been easier to outfit, update, and maintain your vehicle fleet.

A campus is like a small city. You need vehicles that can handle any task. The right vehicles can make a giant job easy to complete, and choosing from industry-leading brands ensures you’ll get the longest life and best performance right from the start.

With highly-rated models from Steiner, John Deere, Lastec, and Seago, we’ve got your campus covered.

The best campus fleet vehicles in WA, OR, and Northern ID

We’re proud to be the exclusive E-Z-GO golf cart distributor in the Northwest. We don’t just supply the state’s golf carts, though. We’re also your exclusive John Deere turf equipment dealer in the Northwest and Hawaii. What does that mean for your campus?

You’ll find every vehicle your campus needs right in one place. Whether it’s transportation for faculty and students or the maintenance equipment that keeps your facilities looking beautiful, we only carry the most durable, time-tested, and cost-effective vehicles to help your campus run like clockwork.

How can our fleet carts improve your campus?

Business Campus Fleet Golf Carts
Reduce your battery maintenance time: Our E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE model is designed specifically for fleet use. Long-lasting lithium-powered batteries require less monthly maintenance than standard lead-acid batteries.

Lithium batteries also charge in about half the time of a standard battery. A fast charge reduces fleet turnaround time and lets you run a fleet with fewer vehicles than non-lithium equipped fleet.

  • Increase cart rotation for your campus transportation needs.
  • Save on golf cart maintenance costs every single month.
  • Go further on a single charge and get more power in each cart.

Dual-use for your diverse campus needs: You need a fleet that can handle any situation. Our campus golf carts offer robust customization options. From weather protection to cargo and passenger transportation with the same vehicle, you can have it all.

Our E-Z-GO models come in configurations with built-in storage, storage that transforms into seating, and all of the safety features you need to keep your staff and visitors safe.

  • Equip your campus fleet with multi-purpose golf carts.
  • Choose from street-legal, all-terrain, and weather protected carts.
  • Increase your lawn maintenance options with storage equipped carts.

Get on-site repairs from our team or the parts your team needs now: If your campus has a fleet manager and repair team, we’ve got the parts you need to keep your fleet running. Our team can even deliver parts to nearby campus locations.

If you need repairs, we can come in and repair your fleet carts on your own campus. Save money on a full-time mechanic or augment your own department when you need an extra hand. We know our models inside and out so we can perform high-quality diagnoses and repairs without dragging our feet.

  • Get on-campus repairs from factory-trained fleet cart mechanics.
  • We can recondition your older carts to help you get the most from them.
  • Choose preventative maintenance from Pacific Golf & Turf for your fleet.

Business Campus Fleet Maintenance Vehicles

How can our maintenance vehicles improve your campus?

Work smarter, not harder.  We carry a great line of campus maintenance vehicles that are equipped to handle lawn maintenance, pest control, weed control, hauling, and transportation.

The right vehicle for the job reduces labor costs and maintenance time. That’s why we carry customizable models including the John Deere Pro Gator for all your outdoor work.

  • Your exclusive John Deere dealer in the Northwest.
  • We have transformable options. One vehicle can spray and haul in any weather.
  • Our Lastec Zero Turn mower makes quick work of the largest lawn.

Tackle any job with the right attachment. We’re proud to offer the Steiner 440 Lawn Tractor. This powerful tractor can handle even the roughest terrain, and quick-hitch attachments make it the ultimate all-in-one campus maintenance machine. Attachments include:

  • Core Aerator
  • Rough Cut Mower
  • Lawn Sweeper
  • V-Blade
  • Power Blower
  • Mowers and Mulchers

  • Sweepers
  • Slip Scoops
  • Snow Blower
  • Stump Cutter
  • Trencher
  • Soil Tiller

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Whether it’s a commercial or school campus, you want to keep it moving. An active campus demands vehicles that can keep up. At Pacific Golf & Turf we only carry the most reliable, durable, and well-reviewed transportation and campus vehicles for your fleet. Do more, get more, and choose local when you call us for your campus fleet needs.