Personal Golf Carts

Personal Golf Carts

Your first choice for personal golf carts.

What are you looking for in a personal golf cart? Do you want the latest features, timeless and classic styling, low maintenance, and the choice between gas and electric? At Pacific Golf & Turf we carry them all. We have new and used vehicles to fulfill all of your needs, and our staff know them better than anyone.

That’s because we aren’t just a golf cart supplier, we also service and repair personal and fleet carts on and off-site. Our staff understand how every component in a golf cart affects its handling, performance, and driver. We won’t just help you find a good golf cart, we’ll make sure you leave with the perfect golf cart to fit your needs.

Which golf cart is best?

The answer depends on whether you want a gas or an electric vehicle. Both offer unique features that the other doesn’t have along with many similarities.

Electric golf carts:
  • E-golf carts are zero-emission vehicles.
  • Save money on gasoline.
  • New Lithium-Ion options charge faster, and last longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, with no maintenance.
  • Electric vehicles require less maintenance.
  • Fewer internal moving parts.
  • Direct-drive systems deliver more torque.
  • Near-silent operation.
  • Must be charged using an electrical outlet.
Gas golf carts:
  • Efficient and long-range getting approximately 30 miles per gallon.
  • Run about 5 times as far on a tank as a standard electric cart on a charge.
  • Fuel dependent on fluctuating gas prices.
  • Require regular tune-ups, filter changes, and engine maintenance.
  • Perform better on steep inclines and off-road areas. (although the new lithium electric carts rival gas on hilly terrain)
  • Can be fueled on-site.

As you can see, the right choice is dependent on what you need it for. For golfing, neighborhood transportation, and smaller area yard-work and ground maintenance, electric is a great option.

When you’re maintaining a large area, using a golf cart as an all-day mode of transportation, or tackling rougher terrain with the potential for soft ground or steep inclines, a gas cart is better.