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E-Z-GO 2five

Hit the road. Life is a journey. So make the experience more fulfilling with the E-Z-GO® 2Five®. Balancing safety, convenience and responsibility, our first low-speed vehicle (LSV) commands the attention of passers-by. It welcomes the notion that your day doesn't end at five. It accommodates bags, groceries and the occasional science project. And the 2Five gives you one more reason to adopt a greener way of life. Take a seat behind the wheel and go on-roading in an E-Z-GO 2Five.

Take on the Neighborhood with the E-Z-GO 2Five

The ultimate family travel cart makes school trips, playground trips, and grocery runs easier than ever. This street-legal low-speed vehicle (LSV) has additional family-friendly features that make ideal for families. What makes the EZ-GO 2Five your new favorite neighborhood golf cart?

  • ● 3-point seat belts provide additional safety you won’t find in most golf carts. Seat belts also include hip restraints, to better protect you and your passengers at any age.
  • ● A 12v adapter makes it easy to charge your phone on the go.
  • ● Fold-down cargo deck with enough room for backpacks, groceries, and more.
  • ● Additional safety features including an AS1 automotive safety glass windshield, OPS rated protective canopy, and DOT approved street legal tires.
  • ● An incredible top speed of 25 mph to get you there that much faster.

EZ-GO 2Five Spec Sheet

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