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Steiner 440 Lawn Tractor

Steiner says their 440 4-Wheel Drive Tractor tackles the toughest terrain with unrivaled maneuverability, stability and traction. The oscillating center frame, low center of gravity and four-wheel drive evenly distribute the weight so that all four wheels hug the landscape—including on steep and contoured terrain—for enhanced performance and security.

With 28 attachments and accessories, Steiner says its 440 Tractor is one of the most versatile tractors on the market, the company states. Choose from rear and front attachment options engineered to till, sweep, load, plow, trench, mow and much more.

Switch attachments in under five minutes using the Steiner Quick-Hitch System with standard front release control, or optional release from a seated position. Rear attachments can be hooked up using a standard 2-inch receiver hitch or optional Category I three-point hitch.

The Steiner 440 Tractor has more stability, more engine horsepower and more attachments, and Steiner says it is the ultimate “Get it done” machine for projects year round.

  • Offers multiple engine choices including a Kohler 34 or 40-hp air cooled engine or Kubota 25-hp diesel or 32-hp gas liquid cooled engine. Engine hp is per SAE ratings for Kubota per SAE-1939, Kohler per SAE-1940
  • Offers a 1,500 PSI lift pressure
  • 60{13fe3683ade3b27eb7c458a4f0c7524ad6ef41ad6ca757bfb51fdf083be26064} more oil capacity with two pumps and lower temperatures