Washington State Master Contract No 05218

Washington State Master Contract No. 05218

Below you’ll find the list pricing as of April 2019, for the following product categories:

Please contact the following individuals for product questions, RFQ’s, and formal quotes to ensure the selected product meets your application and has the appropriate options and accessories to perform work as desired.

Ordering/Sales Points of Contact
Name Phone Number E-mail Area of Responsibility
Michael McNeil 206-510-4951 mmcneil@pacificgolfturf.com Turf Equipment (Western WA)
Steve Lebsack 509-953-6482 slebsack@pacificgolfturf.com Turf Equipment (Eastern WA)
Mike Korvas 425-367-3899 mkorvas@pacificgolfturf.com Municipal & Sports Turf Equipment (Western WA)
Tom Ficklin 425-308-9339 tficklin@pacificgolfturf.com Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles (Western WA)
Wayneen Lemke 509-202-4943 wlemke@pacificgolfturf.com Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles (Eastern WA)
Taylor Smith 541-213-3335 tsmith@pacificgolfturf.com Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles (SW Washington)
Pete Trudeau 503-313-3793 ptrudeau@pacificgolfturf.com Golf Course Fleet and Utility Vehicles